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Kayak fishing has really exploded since we first started La Jolla Kayak Fishing Adventures in 1995 and later and East Cape Kayak Fishing. Over the years we have written and been featured in many articles about kayak fishing. The first article, The Joy of Kayaking, by Ed Zieralski was printed in the San Diego Union Tribune in 1996 and kept my phone ringing for a week straight. Since that time we have been featured in articles in magazines and newspapers from all over the country including Saltwater Sportsman, National Geographic Adventure, Paddler, Canoe and Kayak, and Pacific Coast Sportfishing we have even been written up in a couple of international magazines, we're not really sure what they say, I hope it is nice.
Below you will find some of the articles written about our adventures while kayak fishing locally, as well as targeting big game like Billfish from the kayaks. You will also find instructional articles explaining many aspects of the sport that we love. I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures and find our instructional articles helpful.
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